How Newspapers Help Students For Competitive Exams?

How Newspapers Help Students For Competitive Exams

This article focuses on How Newspapers Help Students For Competitive Exams. Competitive examinations aid in determining the initial career path because they require knowledge of logical reasoning, aptitude, and the subject matter itself to succeed. Children get an opportunity to learn what to anticipate within this particular field. They offer a gauge of a children’s … Read more

Who was James Augustus Hicky?

James Augustus Hicky

The contribution of Irishman James Augustus Hicky, who, via the columns of his weekly Bengal Gazette, the first Indian newspaper published from Kolkata on January 29, 1779, established the framework and guidelines of journalism in India. Hicky’s Bengal Gazette was the first English-language newspaper to be printed on the Indian subcontinent. It was founded in … Read more

The Tribune Newspaper

The Tribune Newspaper

An English-language daily publication called The Tribune is printed in India. Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, a philanthropist and very well member of the Sikh community, established it in 1881. The newspaper’s main office is located in Chandigarh, a town in the Punjab province of northern India. The Tribune covers a broad variety of subjects, such … Read more

Times of India Newspaper

Times of India Newspaper

An English-language daily publication called The Times of India is printed in India. One of the biggest media companies in India, The Times Group, owns and runs it. One of the first extensively read newspapers in India, the newspaper was first printed on November 3, 1838, in Mumbai. Politics, business, athletics, entertainment, lifestyle, healthcare, education, … Read more

What Are The Most Widely Read Newspaper In India?

What Are The Most Widely Read Newspaper In India

One of the biggest newspaper industries in the globe is in India. There are over 100,000 newspapers in India, and as of 2019, more than 42 crores and 50 lakh people routinely read newspapers there. With a yearly revenue of over $200,000 crores, the industry works over 10 lakh people. With a circulation of more … Read more

What Are The Top Newspapers In India?

What Are The Top Newspapers In India

Newspapers have a significant impact on the government in India. The newspaper includes articles, advertisements, and headlines. Every day, it is dispersed. Numerous languages, including Hindi, Kannada, English, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, etc., have newspapers accessible to them. The best 10 English newspapers in India are listed below, and there are many others. Numerous languages, such … Read more

Importance of Newspaper

Importance of Newspaper

Newspapers are an important part of our lives, but their importance has diminished as a result of digitalization. According to Wikipedia, India has the world’s largest newspaper market, with a daily circulation of 78.8 million copies. Newspapers provide information and general knowledge, such as news about the country’s economy, sports, entertainment, trade, and commerce. In … Read more

How Can Indians Read Online Newspapers?

How Can Indians Read Online Newspapers

Since the first newspaper was thought to have been printed in Strasbourg, France, in 1605, newspapers have served as a major news source. Currently, newspapers can be found in print, online, and smartphone application forms factors. Additionally, many publications provide digital subscriptions that give readers access to material across various devices. How Can Indians Read … Read more

History Of News Paper

History Of News Paper

In India, newspapers are a self-righteous tradition of the general public. People cannot stay or survive without news about their country; it has proven to be an unavoidable medium of existence. Its primary function is to serve as a watchdog for the nation and its surroundings; however, it is also an important means of education … Read more