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An English-language daily publication called The Tribune is printed in India. Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia, a philanthropist and very well member of the Sikh community, established it in 1881.

The newspaper’s main office is located in Chandigarh, a town in the Punjab province of northern India.

The Tribune covers a broad variety of subjects, such as local, state, and federal news, politics, business, athletics, entertainment, and lifestyle.

It is renowned for providing unbiased and impartial reporting and has received numerous journalism awards.

There are several regional editions of it as well, including ones for important places like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

Is The Tribune Newspaper a trustworthy news source?

News sources can offer information that academic sources might not have, or that would be difficult to find in academic sources.

For instance, news outlets are great for obtaining information on the general public’s opinions, reactions, and prevailing attitudes at the time of an occurrence.

In India, The Tribune is frequently cited as a trustworthy news source. It has a long tradition of trustworthy journalism and is renowned for its unbiased, fair reporting.

The Ramnath Goenka Merit in Journalism Award and the Red Ink Award for the Most Outstanding Investigative Story are just two of the daily’s accolades for its reporting.

Note: However, exercising critical thinking and assessing the information provided is crucial, just like with any news source. It is always wise to confirm information from several sources before taking it at face value.

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The Tribune Newspaper offers what kinds of news and analysis?

The Tribune, the most widely read English-language daily in North India, broadcasts news and opinions without any bias or prejudice.

The paper’s defining characteristics are moderation and restraint rather than agitational rhetoric and partisanship. In the truest meaning of the word, it is a truly independent newspaper.

The Tribune offers extensive news coverage and analysis on various subjects, including local, state, national, and foreign news, politics, commerce, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle.

The Tribune may address any of the following topics as examples:
The Tribune discusses the Indian economy, business news, market trends, and industry research.

The newspaper covers politics at the municipal, state, and federal levels. Reporting on elections, governmental initiatives, and political disputes fall under this category.

The Tribune chronicles the film, music, and television industries in its leisure section.
The newspaper, football, cricket, and other famous Indian sports, cover major sporting events.

It offers news, analysis, and comments on games and sports events.

The Tribune is a valuable resource for readers in India and across the globe because it offers thorough news coverage and analysis on various topics.

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The Tribune, does it have a free trial?

Give us a try; they were around to help you! You can easily begin your subscription by completing the forms below.

If you choose to pay later, the first 60 days are free. The paper will be brought to your mailbox every Tuesday and Friday.

What Does It Cost To Subscribe To The Tribune Newspaper?

For the most recent details on The Tribune’s subscription plans and prices, you can consult their official website or get in touch with their customer service. In both print and digital formats, they usually offer a variety of monthly subscriptions, including daily, weekly, as well as monthly options. Long-term subscriptions may also qualify for reduced prices from them.
Here are a few examples of the membership information:

Regular Issue Cost for The Tribune (INR)
Weekly: 165
Annually: 1k
Annual: 2k

Percentage of The Tribune’s single issues (INR)
Annually: 150
annually: 300

Dainik News Subscription Rate (INR)
Daily: 120
720 half-yearly
Annual: 1440

Single Issue Rate in the Dainik News (INR)
Annually: 150
annually: 300

The rate for the Regular Edition of Punjabi Tribune (INR)
Weekly: 140
Annually: 840
Annual: 1680

Single Issue Pricing for the Punjabi Tribune (INR)
Annually: 150
annually: 300

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How frequently does The Tribune publish?

The Tribune, the top-selling daily in North India, broadcasts news and opinions free from any sort of bias.

The paper’s defining characteristics are moderation and restraint rather than agitational rhetoric and partisanship.

Is there a smartphone app for The Tribune?

The Tribune has a robust online presence in addition to its print version, with a mobile app and website that give readers access to the most recent news and information.

The online edition, which offers news stories and the most recent advancements in numerous areas, is refreshed throughout the day.

The app offers up-to-date headlines, analysis, and opinions on various subjects, including local, national, and foreign news, politics, finance, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. Users can save stories to read later and receive notifications for breaking news.

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What is the Tribune’s journalistic and editorial policy?

The Tribune is a free-standing publication that has no ties to any political parties or special interests.

Its editorial stance is informed by rights to free speech and expression, and it works to advance social equity, democracy, and human rights.

The Tribune’s editorial philosophy is founded on the values of impartiality, accuracy, and fairness. The newspaper makes an effort to show a variety of opinions and viewpoints on topics of public interest as well as objective and fair coverage of news and events.

The editorial philosophy of The Tribune is to deliver trustworthy news to its readers and to maintain the standards of journalism’s professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

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